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06-Nov-2017 | Chemicals & Materials

Roll Out Of Lg K7i to Boost Global Mosquito Repellent Market

The threat of mosquitoes has quickly increased in India, with number of  human victims increasing each year owing to mosquito-borne diseases such as Chikungunya, Dengue, and Malaria. While at the beginning mosquitoes are misguided to be a risk-free species, they are accountable for the biggest digit of deaths posed by a species of animal! Although there are a lot of anti-mosquito solutions ...

31-Oct-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

India-China to Contribute For 50% of New Mobile Users by 2020 Boosting the Mobile Industry

China and India will contribute for nearly 50% of all fresh mobile users anticipated to be summed up internationally by 2020, a new survey has discovered. As per the 2017 edition of “Mobile Economy: Asia Pacific” report rolled out lately at the “Mobile World Congress Shanghai” event, predicts that China will contribute for 21% (almost 155 Million) and India 27% (almost 2 ...

31-Oct-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Indian Electronics Market to Profit from GST

Electronics manufacturing market in India is anticipated to cross the $104 Billion line by the end of 2020 and local manufacturers will profit from Goods and Tax Service (GST) rule execution since price will considerably go down, claims a report. In spite of a huge leap in expected manufacture by the end of 2020, the local production will meet only 26% of the domestic demand, the joint survey p ...

18-Oct-2017 | Automobile

Volvo Reports 21% Growth in First Half of 2017 of Its Car Segment In Global Car Market

Volvo, the leading player in premium automobile segment reported a growth in its profit by SEK 6.8 Billion, which is around 5,508 Crore in H1 2017 compared to SEK 5.6 Billion in last year. These figures came after it took a market share across Europe and increased sales in China.

18-Oct-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Avenir Telecom With Energizer Mobile Phone Accessories Enters Indian Market

Mobile phone accessories are the hardware or software parts that are not essential for the functioning of mobile phones. The accessories include batteries, chargers, earphones/headphones, memory cards, portable speakers, power banks, and protective cases. These accessories complement the performance, maintenance, and features of mobile handsets. The mobile phone accessories market is mainly dri ...

12-Oct-2017 | Consumer Goods & Retailing

Online Fabric Industry Is Burgeoning in Indian Market

The Indian Textile sector is alleged to be vibrantly diverse, with the combination of hand-woven and hand-spun textile sector at one side of the field, while the resourceful and highly refined mills at the other. As generally known, the decentralized knitting, hosiery, and power loom segment are among the largest constituents of the textile industry. The mutual bonding that is interlaced amid t ...

12-Oct-2017 | Food & Beverage

One-Time-Use & Disposability Feature of Coffee Pods to Spur It Market Globally

A coffee pod referred  as a single coffee serving packed in its own filter. The accessibility of coffee pods is aiding consumers to toggle to fresh coffee from instant ones. The accessibility of diverse styles of coffee pods that are designed for dissimilar types of coffee pod machine is projected to impel the growth of the coffee pods market globally. Paper coffee pods, T-discs, & K-c ...

09-Oct-2017 | Food & Beverage

Technological Advancements To Spur The 3D Food Printing Market

3D food printing, or additive manufacturing, is designing and offering the food ingredients 3D shapes and also preserving texture, taste, and structure of the ingredients. This technique brings 3D digital design into real life item that is edible. And most importantly, it is healthy and also good for the environment as it transforms proteins from beet leaves, insects, or algae into tasty items. ...

09-Oct-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

The Demand for Broadband Connectivity to Burgeon the Satellite Transponders Market

Around the world, there has been a significant increase in the digit of network connections making broadband connectivity a necessary technology to support evolving next-generation technologies such as smart infrastructure and Internet of things. A transponder is primarily utilized to create communication channel among receiver and transmitter, as the signals conveyed to the satellites from ear ...

03-Oct-2017 | Consumer Goods & Retailing

Toiletries And Cosmetics Market to Continue Flourishing Globally

Blending, preparation, packaging, and compounding of toiletries are the procedures that are carried out in the toiletries industry to fabricate the products. A broad array of hygiene and personal care products are the components of the toiletries industry such as hair preparations, lotions, shaving preparations, perfumes, sunscreens, face creams, and so on.