Roll Out Of Lg K7i to Boost Global Mosquito Repellent Market

Posted on: Nov-2017 | By: MarketDeeper | Chemicals & Materials

The threat of mosquitoes has quickly increased in India, with number of  human victims increasing each year owing to mosquito-borne diseases such as Chikungunya, Dengue, and Malaria. While at the beginning mosquitoes are misguided to be a risk-free species, they are accountable for the biggest digit of deaths posed by a species of animal! Although there are a lot of anti-mosquito solutions in the industry that promises to assist us in keeping mosquitoes away, repellents are normally indoor solutions that do not provide infallible defense when we are in the open. Apply on gels are frequently not odor-free and are yet again loaded with chemicals.

Keeping in mind the havoc that mosquitoes pose to our lives, LG Electronics has emerged up with an extraordinary modernism that might transform the way we battle with the mosquito menace. It has lately rolled out the K7i handset that arrives with the first of its kind “Mosquito Away Technology.” Well, it may be difficult for us to consider but lastly, we have an improvement that will make the flourishing of mosquitoes very hard. This roll out of the handset by LG has boosted the global mosquito repellent market. And guess what, you do not even have to invest a hefty amount to obtain the K7i. Suitably having a price tag of just Rs 7,990, it is the effective and easiest combat shield in opposition to mosquitoes. Well, these features are the main reason that will boost the sale of the handset and indirectly propel the global mosquito repellent market

Picture a technology so advanced that it can drive away mosquitoes with its noise! Yes, this is the LG K7i for the users by the company. The ‘Mosquito Away Technology” is fueled by technology of Sound Wave and has an ultrasonic frequency of more than 20 kHz. This indicates that you no longer have to battle the hazardous radiations that are emitted by usual mosquito repellents. This modernization is actually a good thing for all of us who can’t stand the sturdy odor of fluid repellents. One more benefit is that this tech is completely silent and noise free!