Online Fabric Industry Is Burgeoning in Indian Market

Posted on: Oct-2017 | By: MarketDeeper | Consumer Goods & Retailing

The Indian Textile sector is alleged to be vibrantly diverse, with the combination of hand-woven and hand-spun textile sector at one side of the field, while the resourceful and highly refined mills at the other. As generally known, the decentralized knitting, hosiery, and power loom segment are among the largest constituents of the textile industry. The mutual bonding that is interlaced amid the agriculture and textile industry for procuring raw materials such as cotton, has directed to dependency in both the sectors. Ancient traditions and culture employed in terms of textiles formulate the Indian fabrics exclusive in contrast to other textile markets. This unique quality in the fabric creates a huge demand for the textile products that are generated from the international markets such as England, the United States, and Russia. In addition, feasibility in the online transaction and set up of various online platforms have also increased the demand of the Indian fabric, which drives the growth of the Textile market in India.

Technology plays a crucial role in the overall development and has also reduced the human efforts that are required to manufacture the fabric. Advancement in the technology has positively linked the gap amid the two sides of the supply chain. The millennial generation majorly uses the online media to promote and retail the products. Along with this, various incentive schemes made accessible for the manufacturers is also motivating the growth of the market.

Changing buying trends of the population and drastically changing method of shopping, with consumers tending to be more selective in terms of apparel, have also fostered the growth of the textile market not just in the India but also in global markets.

Availability of the fabrics through a single platform and improvisation in the trading process has bolstered the growth the rate of the market. One of the major drivers of the fabric industry are the e-commerce players such as Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, and various others.

Growing investment in the sector led by the foreign players and drastically growing number of malls and shopping centers are also some factors responsible for the growth of the fabric market.