Launch Of Symjepi Epinephrine Syringe To Boost The Syringe Market Growth In US

Posted on: Feb-2019 | By: MarketDeeper | Medical Devices

A rising burden of chronic diseases has been observed all across the world, which, in turn, has elevated the usage of syringes. Overall, the global syringe market is anticipated to observe vigorous growth on account of numerous factors like increase in the stipulation for pre-filled syringes, rising incidence of chronic diseases along with the mounting number of immunization and vaccination programs conducted by private & government organizations.

Adding up one more development, Symjepi, the 0.3 mg-dose, pre-filled syringe substitute to epinephrine auto-injectors, is made accessible in clinical settings throughout the United States. The director of communications, Sandoz, Allison Schneider, states the life-saving drug will be accessible in “clinics, offices of the doctors, and hospitals.” Sandoz is the commercial and marketing associate of Adamis Pharmaceuticals that fabricated the epinephrine product.

Though the device is obtainable in clinical settings, the company hasn’t declared when allergic customers will be capable of buying the medicine from a pharmacy. Schneider said, “We are vigorously getting ready for the introduction of US into the retail market to facilitate patients to obtain this life-saving drug at their local pharmacies.” Once that launch takes place, Symjepi’s 2-pack will have a retail cost of $250.

The tool is around 4-inch long fitting in the palm of a person’s hand. A patient, with Symjepi, injects epinephrine by pushing down on a nozzle to supply the drug through a needle. The amount in this syringe is meant for individuals weight around 66 pounds or more.

Adamis is functioning closely with Sandoz to get ready for the rollout of the 0.15 mg-dose Symjepi, as per the senior director of corporate communications and investor relations in the firm, Mark Flather. The lower-dose device is intended for younger kids with allergies weighing between 33 and 65 pounds. Thus, such advancements are likely to boost the growth of the syringe market in the coming period.