India-China to Contribute For 50% of New Mobile Users by 2020 Boosting the Mobile Industry

Posted on: Oct-2017 | By: MarketDeeper | Electrical & Electronic Device

China and India will contribute for nearly 50% of all fresh mobile users anticipated to be summed up internationally by 2020, a new survey has discovered. As per the 2017 edition of “Mobile Economy: Asia Pacific” report rolled out lately at the “Mobile World Congress Shanghai” event, predicts that China will contribute for 21% (almost 155 Million) and India 27% (almost 206 Million) of the roughly 753 Million new mobile users by the end of the 2020. This indicates a boost in the smartphone and telecom market all over the Asia Pacific region.

As a whole, the Asia Pacific region at the end of 2016 is predicted to elevate from 2.7 Billion new mobile users to 3.1 billion in 2020, contributing for 2/3rd of international expansion. The report also points out how the mobile industry of Asia will be a rising contributor to the its social and economical development over this time frame and also play a key role in 5G spectrum.

"Led by China and India, mobile industry of Asia will be the major factor for the growth of international users for the remaining of the decade, linking almost 0.5 Billion unique users all over the region by the end of 2020," claimed Director General of the GSMA firm, Mats Granryd. The company is a trade body that symbolizes the interests of mobile operators all over the world. "We are also witnessing a dramatic transfer to mobile broadband networks, specifically 4G, which is offering a platform for a wealthy range of pioneering new services across both emerging and developed markets in Asia. In the mean time, enhanced operators in the region are ready to turn out to be amongst the first to launch commercial 5G networks in the world before the end of 2020," he claimed.

User growth in Asia Pacific will indicate that mobile penetration in the area will develop to 75% in 2020 from 66% in 2016. On the other hand, the varied nature of the Asia Pacific region indicates that the rates of mobile penetration may vary widely.

For now, the mobile industry of the Asia Pacific region is in a good opposition at will soon see its golden days in the coming future.