Google Home Max Supposedly Killing Linked Wi-Fi's Network

Posted on: Feb-2018 | By: MarketDeeper | IT & Telecommunications

It seems like the big speaker, Google Home Max, rolled out by the search behemoth along with new Google Home speakers and the Pixel 2 handsets, is encountering its 2nd glitch. This time, the gadget is being claimed to slay the Wi-Fi networks with which it is linked.

Google Home Max

The news arrives directly from consumers on the Forum of Google Product. "My Google Home Max arrived today. Initial setup was fine, everything was working (Assistant, streaming services), but then my Wi-Fi network went down, which required a hard restart of modem and router to fix. It took it going down a few more times for me to realize the Max was causing it; whenever I tried to stream radio or Spotify, the Wi-Fi died and had to be restarted," stated one of the impacted consumers. "I tried a hard reset of the Max. Got to the end of setup ... and then the network died and the modem and router had to be restarted."

It was cited that most of the consumers getting impacted were employing TP-Link Archer C7 Wi-Fi modem. One of the TP Link employees responded on the thread claiming the actual issue might be multicast discovery packets of MDNS. It has been claimed that the Google Home Max could have been transporting millions of these packets to the device in an extremely short period.

One of the Google representatives has verified the problem and has claimed that the firm is already seeing in to the issue. "Sorry for the delayed response but we appreciate all the details and reports on this. We are looking into this and to help us, please submit feedback report from the Google Home app after the router is rebooted and devices are back online. Be sure to include the keyword "GHT3 - Unable to setup Max to network" and to check the box to "Include screenshot and logs". Also, please confirm the firmware version your router is on," said the representative.