Google Assistant-Powered Headphones to Be Launched Soon

Posted on: Mar-2018 | By: MarketDeeper | Electrical & Electronic Device

Google is currently in news for its latest development that is a pair of headsets that will be powered by its very own Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant. Currently, the headset market is on the rise owing to the technological advancements and increasing supply and demand. The new pair of headphones has been named “Bisto” and it is likely to be launched with a new feature that is magic pairing mode.

According to the sources, the tech-giant is planning to launch the product this year. The AI assistant built in the headphones will allow the users to ask questions as well as give voice commands and have a control over the product’s functions. The new headset is surely going to add another feather to the wing of Google.

Bisto will have a microphone built-in so as to help interact with the Google’s AI assistant. There is also another exciting feature wherein the users can listen to the incoming notifications read out loudly by the AI assistant. For replying back to the notifications through voice is possible by using the two buttons provided of which one is the Google Assistant button and the other is the Top Button. The Google assistant powered headphones will have OTA firmware updates and other highly popular setup processes.

All the Android users can easily interact with the device using the voice commands to access control over the Google assistant. The Google’s AI algorithm helps the assistant work and learn smartly from the overall utilization behavior and make suggestions or perform tasks on the Android devices. The assistant was first introduced in Google Home devices, Pixel, Pixel XL, and later on the Android devices.

Google plans to unveil the headphones along with the new smartphones Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL which will be hitting the markets by the end of October this year. The devices will be Google’s second flagship devices. They will come along with a premium price tag that has never been seen before. Google has not yet officially declared or commented anything on the headphones that will use the magic pairing mode. Google’s leap into using AI assistant in its headphones is not surprising as the current headphone and smartwatch market is showcasing a huge decline in the sales. According to Google, the AI-powered headphones can help expand the market in the coming months.