Commercial Robotics Market Is Awaiting Triumph of Misty’s Adorable Robotic Platform

Posted on: Feb-2019 | By: MarketDeeper | Technology

Misty has its cute little robot ready to hit the commercial robotics market in order to help explore its overall dominance. The robust, accurate, and tech-based skills are incorporated into the robots of Misty in order to outperform the current heroes Jibo and Kuri. However, Misty I which was a handmade robot had been sold off completely with the only goal of coming up with the best-polished version that is Misty II.  The company is planning to roll out the product by April and collecting huge revenues.

However, the present trade tariffs are adding up to the price of the polished version and making it highly expensive and impractical in terms of commoners purchase. However, the company’s basic goal is to meet up to the commercial robotics market and not to walk hand in hand with practicality. Furthermore, the addition of apps plus up-to-the-minute hardware and software is a positive aspect for the Misty II as well as the market. The onboard sensors, high information storage capacity, and less personality-derived makes it the perfect option for the commercial robotics market users on a Global or national level.

This $2,399 robot is being supported by a social campaign with the hope of accumulating at least $1 Million for the company’s manufacturing and marketing purposes. The Misty II is definitely is the next-generation edition type of adorable robot likely to run around in the global market. The startup is planning to step up in the robotics platform so as to buckle up the technological advancements taking place in the field of robotics in terms of human workforce benefit as well as commercial scale profits for the operating profits. Misty is currently adamant on competing with rivals such as Cosmos in the forecast by developing the best of the robots.