It is Possible!! Can News Reports Be Automated?

Posted on: Jul-2018 | By: MarketDeeper | Chemicals & Materials

Artificial intelligence is currently the hot topic of the town owing to its efficiency and quick work. It is a technology that is currently being used for a number of applications in the various sectors. Lately, it is being used in the newsrooms in the form of a machine learning technique, chatbots, and automated reporting systems. Looking at how fast the new technology is expanding, does it mean that the AI will snatch away jobs of the people in the media industry?
The answer to the question is very decisive. There are many other people who believe that the automation and the AI will not take away jobs in the media industry out of the pessimistic group. But the investments that will be made in the media industry for setting up AI in the newsrooms is something to look out for. In terms of AI, the next 5 to 10 Years is surely going to be critical as well as successful.

Google has decided on providing a fund of $805000 to a British news agency, Press Association, in order to gather, write, and automate around 30000 local stories or news reports for a month. The software has been named “Radar,” which stands for Reporters And Data And Robots. The software has been designed such that it can automate local reporting using the huge public databases that are made available by the local law enforcement and government agencies.

It is nothing new as in South Korea an automated reporting system Soccerbot has already been introduced by a news agency named “Yonhap” for gathering news based on football games. A number of news agencies including Thomson Reuters, New York Times, and Associated press are using machine learning and automation to write stories or for comment moderation purposes. The AI-powered bots can surely take away jobs of people as the bots deliver more efficiently in terms of personalized communication. Also, the combination of machine learning techniques, automation, and AI will help the bots outperform the humans in a number of activities including translating into different languages, working as a surgeon, writing the best novels, and so on.

Thus, in the next 10 Years, the humans are likely to have their jobs put at stake by the AI-powered software. However, the AI-powred bots cannot write down things in a specific point-of-view, featured articles, and others. The researchers are working towards developing a bot that can assist humans by listening to the human’s commands. The AI technology no matter how advanced it gets will still have some limitations.

The software Radar has been built to help the humans to reduce the workload on humans. The humans can fine tune the robots writing and bring about dynamic changes in journalism. The media fraternity is preparing to incorporate AI-based tools in the newsrooms and ramp up the news business.