Bioinspired Artificial Bug Eye Creation Is A Baton For Global Autonomous Car Market

Posted on: Feb-2019 | By: MarketDeeper | Software

After looking at the different eye lens structures of the animals and humans, the researchers have decided on creating a sharp image using its design. The compound eyes of the bugs are currently being studied in detail. The compound lens helps create a peripheral vision, motion detection, and light sensitivity which are the reason it is selected to help pave way for the global camera technology market. The development of the artificial compound eyes can give another set of eyes to the autonomous vehicles which is a feature the Global autonomous car market has long been waiting for. These bioinspired artificial compound eyes will be designed for not only cars but also other applications like robots.

In order to meet up to the commoners’ needs the technology will be made using low-cost approach. The global autonomous car market is definitely going to benefit from the artificial eyes as currently the major concern for the automobile industry is the increasing road accidents due to the driver’s carelessness or slight judgmental issues. The visual receptors called ommatidia present in the compound eyes are present even in thousand units per eye in some creatures with the best resolution. The need for quick action in connection to a reaction is the concept the researchers are currently working.  The low cost production and high-through put is definitely what the industry is looking for. The nanotechnology and lasers are being used for bulk generation of the artificial eyes which often leads to distorted eyes and hence, Wenjun Wang and team crafted an innovative strategy with superior structural homogeneity.

The use of nanostructures on the lower lens swollen by the laser shot through double layered acrylic glass helped create microlenses with pleasing water-repellent and antireflective properties. Thus, the researchers are planning on adding in features to the artificial lens for the autonomous car’s better efficiency.