Indian SMEs Can Now Opt For WhatsApp Business App For Better Connectivity

Posted on: Mar-2018 | By: MarketDeeper | Service

Indian SMEs Can Now Opt For WhatsApp Business App For Better Connectivity
WhatsApp, a “Facebook” owned mobile-based application, has introduced its innovative and efficient feature “WhatsApp Business App” for small-scale businesses to experience enhanced connectivity with their customers and end-to-end clients. 

WhatsApp Business App
Prior to an authorized public announcement, the app was launched in few foreign markets like the USA, Mexico, Indonesia, the UK, and Italy and later after the successful launch in these countries, it was initiated for a test in Brazil and India
After a successful test and result, the app is now accessible in India to download for free at “Google Play”. The WhatsApp Business app is compatible with Android 4.0.3 and will soon be available for iOS. 
The app permits businesses at small to mid-size for connecting with customers while also associating with the prominent messaging platform. The platform allows the users to store addresses, create their own business and owners or director’s profile, website and email. The app has a messaging smart tool that helps the business users to reply the queries instantly and be available for a swift action. The tool also allows the businesses to send auto messages when their away for a meeting or holiday while also sending greetings to the new customer. For adding the benefit, the “WhatsApp Web” is already in existence for allowing the businesses to operate through the laptop or desktop. 
In India, nearly 80 of the small to medium scale business is largely depended on WhatsApp to communicate on a timely basis while also helping them grow their business economically and with improved connectivity. The WhatsApp Business App has few similar features that match with the original WhatsApp like blocking any of their contacts, enable read receipts and setting privacy for their information, status and profile photo. Similarly, the app also allows the businesses to help their clients and customers locate their location conveniently with “Live Location”. The businesses to ensure better connectivity can also utilize voice and video calls. Also, the “End-to-End Encryption” feature allows the businesses to restrict the 3rd-party access to messages and calls.