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13-Feb-2019 | Software

Bioinspired Artificial Bug Eye Creation Is A Baton For Global Autonomous Car Market

After looking at the different eye lens structures of the animals and humans, the researchers have decided on creating a sharp image using its design. The compound eyes of the bugs are currently being studied in detail. The compound lens helps create a peripheral vision, motion detection, and light sensitivity which are the reason it is selected to help pave way for the global camera technology ...

13-Feb-2019 | Consumer Goods & Retailing

Cafe X’s $12 Million “Seed-1” Round To Boost The Global Coffee Market

Cafe X, a company engaged in building robot baristas, is about to raise a $12 Million “Seed-1” round. Recently, Crunchbase News broke the story when it came across regulatory filings, which demonstrated that Cafe X has raised a new round of almost $9.42 Million. Later, Henry Hu, Founder and CEO, Cafe X, verified this news with Crunchbase. This move by the firm is e ...

05-Feb-2019 | Chemicals & Materials

Clinically Produced Cells Change The Horizon Of Global Bone Cement And Glue Market

The group of researchers from the New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute published an article in Stem Cell Research and Therapy where the details regarding the clinical-grade cells developed for the various injury or bone disease treatment. In the research, the use of two different growth media for the potential growth of mesenchymal progenitor cells from stem cells ...

05-Feb-2019 | Technology

Commercial Robotics Market Is Awaiting Triumph of Misty’s Adorable Robotic Platform

Misty has its cute little robot ready to hit the commercial robotics market in order to help explore its overall dominance. The robust, accurate, and tech-based skills are incorporated into the robots of Misty in order to outperform the current heroes Jibo and Kuri. However, Misty I which was a handmade robot had been sold off completely with the only goal of coming up with the best-polished ve ...

15-Jan-2019 | Medical Care

Health Insurance Market In China Witnessing A Huge Boom Over High Premium Plan Demand

Medicare has outpaced life insurance policies in China as the fastest-growing category of the industry as wealthy consumers try to fill the insufficient public coverage. The emergence of health insurance creates opportunities for an industry infested with scandals, symbolized by the bribery of the former head of the insurance scheme and the subsequent withdrawal of his agency from the banks. Wh ...

14-Jan-2019 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Growing Collaboration For Futuristic Product Development To Lead Pharmaceutical Market Growth

C-LEcta, a global technology leader in enzyme technology and bioprocess development for controlled markets such as the food and pharmaceutical industry, has inked two duration cooperation agreements earlier this year that might have a noteworthy effect on the company's future development. Both contracts would create significant short-term returns for the company's project activities and ...

03-Dec-2018 | Technology

Don’t await a 5G iPhone on or before 2020

Apple’s timeline for adopting the next generation of cellular connectivity, 5G, by suggesting the first compatible iPhone won’t come before 2020. Earlier rumors and reports pointed to the 2020 iPhone as the likeliest candidate to add 5G support, even though mobile carriers and Apple’s Android rivals are going to be rolling the new technology out all through 2019.

31-Oct-2018 | Medical Care

Obesity, low BMI linked to increased risk of death, study reveals

The study, published Wednesday in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology and conducted by scientists at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, revealed that BMI that's either too high or too low is tied to increased morbidity from a range of major diseases.

11-Aug-2018 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Samsung leads the pack, Smartphone Market in India Grows 29% In Third Quarter

The shipments of mobile in India are expected to reach the mark of 262 Million units till the fourth quarter arrives. Relying on the numbers, vendors dealing in mobile shipped approximately 80 Million in the third quarter as per the analysis.

As per the study, total 200 Million mobile handset units were shipped in the country right from the start of the year. A sequential growth of 29 ...

18-Jul-2018 | Chemicals & Materials

It is Possible!! Can News Reports Be Automated?

Artificial intelligence is currently the hot topic of the town owing to its efficiency and quick work. It is a technology that is currently being used for a number of applications in the various sectors. Lately, it is being used in the newsrooms in the form of a machine learning technique, chatbots, and automated reporting systems. Looking at how fast the new technology is expanding, does it me ...