Finding the Perfect Algae for Biofuel Production

The Algae DISCOVER (Development of Integrated Screening, Cultivar Optimization and Validation Research) Project is developing a new process to minimize the time and cost of growing algal strains in laboratory and then move them into production houses. From the pilot project of 3 years, researchers hope to discover 30 algal strains. The algal biofuel are […]

Hydro-Power Drops to 20 Month Low in Kenya

Hydro electricity is one of the most common renewable energy sources after solar energy that is used worldwide. But in order to generate the electricity for hydro power plant, one essential thing is—water. However, the people of Kenya are suffering a totally opposite situation. As drought continues to ravage in different sections of Kenya, the […]

5 Mind-Boggling Vehicles For Off-Road

We are traveling in the 21st century where every new invention is made by keeping future-based utilizations and needs in mind. Autonomous cars, drones, and AI-based products are some of the examples of the futuristic technology. But when it comes to driving a vehicle that is just perfect for the off roaders or specially designed […]

Best Curative Apps for Medic’s & Practitioner’s

The people from today’s generation have become health conscious and are making efforts to stay fit. Professional medics and physicians have been doing a tremendous to keep the people healthy. People are leading a fast paced and stressful life; it has become hard for them to stay healthy. Maintaining a healthy diet has always the […]

Smartphone Apps Supersede HR Tech Savvy’s

Smartphone apps are the next frontier for human resources technology. It gives organizations the ability to offer online learning, manage employees and increase productivity is set to become a major disturbing trend in human resource (HR) technology. Many innovative technology companies are establishing mobile phone apps that will replace the assessments and help the employees […]

Facebook Introduces Snapchat and Introduces Flash

Facebook and Snapchat is slowly entering into the unfriendly stage. Facebook is about to start testing its new camera in the main Facebook app, which relies on the features of the Snapchat’s video and photo filters. This clone includes the mask on the face with different characters and it also includes the effects such as, […]

Prolonged use of some painkillers leads to hearing loss in women

After an analysis, experts came to a conclusion that consumptions of some painkillers may lead to loss in the ability of hearing. This analysis was done on the test conducted on a large group of women in the U.S. This result was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology recently. “Even though the amount of […]

Cryogenic Method Can Store the Renewable Energy

There have been various attempts carried out by the researchers to create alternative solutions to the fossil usage. The sources of renewable energy are vast and are available with free of cost. But the questions arise when storage of such energy becomes difficult. The organization named Highview Power Storage has been in process to develop […]

Amazon to Setup Checkout Less and Self Driving Grocery Shop

The retail giant Amazon has been every time in the picture due to its developments or product up-gradations. May it be related to the delivery drones concept or launching of the future generation products, consumers have always been expecting some of the other new “thing” in the market by Amazon. Thus sticking on to point, […]

Northern Lights Are Back For the Show at Scotland

Sightings of the Aurora Borealis were seen at Scotland on Wednesday night. The lights are seen above the magnetic poles of northern and southern hemisphere. The light seen at North Pole is known as ‘Aurora Borealis’, similarly the light seen at South Pole is known as ‘Aurora australis’. Auroral is displayed in many colors like […]